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New Contributor Teoni
New Contributor

Jamster Music Subscription on Data Sim, Help?

I have an internet dongle that uses a data sim that is prepaid and I received this text:


Hi U've subscribed to Jamster Music Club costing U $10.00/wk + $5.00 sign up fees on yr nxt bill Optout SMS STOP to 194000 Help 1800024185


First of all I never subscribed to anythingSmiley Mad but I am wondering, since it is a data only sim can they still charge me for something? Will Jamster eat into my data allowance? When I recharge will I be asked to pay more than the recharge? I tried sending STOP, but as it is a data only sim I don't really know if it even sentSmiley Frustrated.


I would be grateful for any advice, tips or anything to further my knowledge on this weird situationSmiley Indifferent



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Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Re: Jamster Music Subscription on Data Sim, Help?

There's certainly some real dodgy stuff gong on with these auto subscriptions. I did chuckle when I read a data only sim. I just can't see how the prepaid would be charged and would be interesting if it does somehow get charged..


I'll still escalate the thread so it'll hopefully a Optus rep can scratch there head/s

Cheers Dave

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RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Re: Jamster Music Subscription on Data Sim, Help?

Hi @Teoni, we recommend getting in touch with our Customer Service team so that a dispute can be lodged with the content provider.

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