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International roaming charges

I have just read that Virgin mobile is transitioning to Optus whom I have heard have superior customer service (I hope that this is true) ... Virgin have just hit me for a 1171 AUD international roaming charge despite my contract having a 250 AUD limit to "protect against theft or accidental overspending". They are now blocking my phone ... Moreover, in the two days that I was travelling to my final destination in Canada (when I inactivated roaming), I accessed free wifi in airports and a hotel, yet Virgin over-rided this access with local carrier mobile data provisions hence my additional frustration. Are there any Optus mobile customers who have had similar experiences that were well handled and resolved? If so, I will be happy to transition!


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Re: International roaming charges

Hey @BSM, thanks for reaching out to the crowd. I thought I could provide further insight into some of the features we use when roaming.


Roaming can be enabled or disabled on your Optus account any time via our My Optus mobile app. It's as easy as flicking a switch and no charges can be incurred when this is turned off.


If you are roaming, we will send you an SMS the minute you connect to an international network to advise of the fees for that country. You can then keep track of your spend via the mobile app and we'll send you an SMS update every time $50 is spent.


We also have travel pack options should you need to use your phone overseas. They are $10 a day with unlimited talk/text and 100mb of data.


Check out this YesCrowd article for more information → International Roaming: Add, Remove, Rates & More

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