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New Contributor Shopaholica67
New Contributor

International Roaming Service didn't work, but charges appeared on billing

I recently traveled to NZ for business (week long trade show) and purchased an 8 day travel pack. I received all confirmatioin notices and I activated International Roaming when I arrived and the service worked for a few hours before becoming unavailable.


I was subsequently unable to connect via local provider and couldn't access internet (except via wifi), make or receive calls - or manually turn on roaming on my phone, any incoming calls went straight to my Voicemail and I spent the next 6 days and nights continuously on Live Chat to Optus to try and have the issue rectified.


A number of the Optus Tech Support people I was on Live Chat with advised that it appeared to be a techinical issue. When I tried to manually activate roaming an error message appeared. On at least 4 occasions the Tech Support/Customer Service person advised the issued had been rectified and that the international roaming would be reinstated within 6-12 hours,  however this didn't happen until the day before I left.


As it was all conducted on Live Chat I have no documentation of the issue or conversations.


All in all it was a disastrous and incredibly frustrating business trip, as I couldn't contact clients by phone and they couldn't contact me.


I've just now received my recent Optus Bill which includes the $80 charge for the full travel pack. 


Seeking advice here on having this charge removed from bill, together with any compensation I'm eligible for  - for loss of business/sanity during this time.

With thanks for any advice/assistance offered.



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Moderator Shauna

Re: International Roaming Service didn't work, but charges appeared on billing

Hey @Shopaholica67 - thanks for taking the time to write this up.
If there has been no usage on the Travel Pack, it shouldn't be an issue having this removed and the charges waived.


Can you please confirm your mobile number, full name and DOB via private message? Happy to take a look. 

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