Incorrect bill

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I always pay my bill.  But this month I appeared to received 2 bills with one saying overdue.  I paid the first one and the other bill appeared to disappeared.  I do not owe any further money.  If this is not cleared up I will renew my home internet and 3 mobile contracts.  2 contracts have ended so tell me what is going on before I upgrade etc.  I do not owe any further money and I want you to confirm this.

Martin D

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Re: Incorrect bill

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My email address is for a reply

Re: Incorrect bill


Hi Martin,


No need for threats off the bat Smiley Surprised. A simple query is all that's needed. You can check your account balance (and amounts due) in MYACCOUNT (click on icon at top left). 


This is a public forum, not the helpdesk so if you have a billing query you shuold contact Optus direct. Use their online LIVECHAT 24/7 and they should be able to confirm what's happening. For this reason I'd also suggest you EDIT your posts (click on options near the post) and remove any personal information as its available for anyone to use.




Peter Gillespie 

Re: Incorrect bill


Thanks Peter!

Hey there Martin, just a heads up that I have removed your mobile number and e-mail address in your posts for privacy and security reasons as per our Community Guidelines.

As Peter advised, a member of our Live Chat team will be able to assist further with your query. Smiley Happy

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