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New Contributor GraceN
New Contributor

I cant return fetch tv box!

I want to return the TV box. I cancelled my contract in June and contacted Optus so many times from oct to Nov. But the return satchel was never sent to me. I have told them my new address again and again. first wait for 10days then 7 and 7 and 7days! I thought I have a month to deal with it before I leave Melbourne! I will leave Melbourne next week. I have to return this TVs box by this week. I have been waiting for the return satchel for one and a half month already! Now I don't have time to wait for another 7days!

Will the return satchel be sent to my apartment or the post office? Do I need to keep waiting for doing nothing!
Optus efficiency is really disappointing and I felt really stressful when I see the late return fee keep adding up but I can't do anything. I won't choose Optus to be my internet supplier after this. I m sick of waiting!

My ref no. is 80864255100152 

I am really upset if I can't get the return satchel by this week. I have no choice but to complain to TIO abo 

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: I cant return fetch tv box!

Obviously something is going wrong. 


Have the sachel sent to your work (or as you are leaving now? perhaps get it sent to your mums or a friends place). Just leave the equipment at their place. Not you really only need to put the PVR and remote in the sachel (if it ever arrives).


FWIW There should only be a single no return fee ($250) for not returning the box within about two months. Optus will wipe the amount when they recieve the box.


I suggest you try the LIVECHAT again. Ask to be put through to the Fetch Department. Get them to send out your sachel to a different address than the one you've been giving them. There's half a chance you'll get 5 sachels in 3 days.




Peter Gillespie

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: I cant return fetch tv box!



Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere along the line. It's really not a a difficult process, I'm sorry that you've had so much trouble with this one. As @petergdownload has mentioned, it might be best to have us send the satchel through to a friend or family members address. Your work place is also an acceptable delivery address.


If you'd like us to confirm that we've recorded your delivery address correctly, I'd be happy to do so. Send us a PM with your old account details. We'll need your full name, DOB and account number.

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