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Hi all,

My sad tale:

During an online chat with optus on Friday 7th, I requested the consultant cancel my home cable internet (it's being disconnected in a few weeks so we got NBN). 

Said consultant proceed to mistakenly disconnect my business landline / internet account of 6 years - rendering my retail business largely uncontactable.

3 hours and numerous calls and transfers informed me that while they can cut it off in 15 minutes, I'm looking at 7-10 days to reconnect it (apparently - if they don't give my number to someone else).

It eventually got escalated to the Customer Relations Team late on Friday and I've heard nothing since. Every call to Optus since then results in me being told that only the Customer Relations Team can talk to me, and that they are not contactable by me - I will have to wait until they call me. 

It's now nearly a week after disconnection and still no call, and still no phone or internet. We are running on a 4g pre-paid modem and phone, but anyone that calls our landline number from a business card or open quote will get a service disconnected message.

Been to the ombudsman and they've now contacted optus and given them 2 business days to contact me - starting tomorrow so I have until Monday afternoon before they can do anything else.

To make matters worse, I just received a text from optus telling me that my complaint has been received and a consultant will call me on the 1st of july to discuss. 

It's so far beyond a joke - costing me money and sleep every day it continues.

So to the point - does anyone have contact details for the Customer Relations Team? I really need an update....






Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group


They don't have a phone number you can dial for an update.

As you've logged a complaint, then escalated to the TIO. You've now attached the TIO turn around to it, and the regular CRG team that was handling it was taken off your complaint because you chose to escalate it over the top of them. I understand your business was impacted by what has occurred, but you chose to sidestep the complaints handling policy and hand it to the TIO.


Now everything has to be relayed to the TIO.

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Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group



Hmm. I am misunderstanding or do you think I purposely chose to sidestep their complaints handling policy (whatever that is), delaying a solution further? That I should have waited patiently (and ignorantly) for an update - however long that took?


I contacted the TIO because after a week and thousands in lost sales, the CRT had not contacted me, I could not contact them and no-one else at Optus could provide an update on the situation.


Let's be honest - the CRT should have contacted me at the start of the week with an update, and kept me in the loop all week on their progress in reconnecting the service. That's how customer service works, particularly given that Optus admitted the disconnection was their mistake. Then there would have been no need to TIO


I just want my phone reconnected.




Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group


The CRG team would still be handling it and complaints are queued.

We don't have access to customer accounts here and as advised there isn't a way to directly contact the CRG team.

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please chat with us.

Given the situation either of these teams should be able to escalate your complaint.  

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