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How can I make Optus stop sending bills to my address for a company that does not exist there

Having some issues with Optus persiting on sending bills (and now overdue notices and service restriction letters) to my address for a company called Designer Aboriginals.  This has been going on for about 18 months - 2 years or so.  We bought and moved into the house  nearly 6 years ago!!

Have tried to call 3 times - they say they will refer it.  Have returned to sender 7+ letters advising there is no such company at this address.   Have been to ASIC to get company details and contacts and share with Optus - still they won't (or can't) contact their customer and get current proof of address and get this changed

Concerned as we both live there and I run my own business from the same address (nothing to do with art or design of any description!!)  Before it seemed they were paying their bills (maybe getting them online?) but now getting service will be restricted notices.  We are with iiNet so don't think our services can be touched, however, we know how default reporting is geting more and more open and linked to all sorts of things, including addresses so want to ensure that our address is not being used inappropriately or possibly even fraudulently.

Can anyone advise what I can do to force Optus to update their records for this company?

(Yes I did try to post this earlier - but it "disappeared" so trying again)

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Re: How can I make Optus stop sending bills to my address for a company that does not exist there

Hi @Nice2Kow,


You seem to be concerned that these bills somehow could impact you? Whatever debts or services this company has, that is assigned to them. Anyone can put any address down as a billing address (on purpose or by mistake) it has no relation to the contractual obligation (people move all the time leaving debts behind at old contact addresses). 


Optus will just run out the contract they currently have, sending payment notices, shutting down the services related to the company (which is not your iiNet account btw). Eventually they'll sell the debt to a debt collector who will go after Designer Aboriginals. Its annoying but legally Optus will just follow the proscribed steps I'm sorry.


Maybe someone else has another option.


Peter Gillespie