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How can I cancel my contract?


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I left Australia a mounth ago,and I am living in Europe right now. I have a contract with you for two years. When I opened the contract the worker in the Optus store told me that I can close it when I leave Australia. Two days before I left, I visited your store and I wanted to close my contract for internet data, but they told me that I have to do it online or to call Optus team. I tried to call Optus team but no one answered. So now I got another bill for this month and I can't pay it because I didn't use internet for this month, cause I was outside Australia. Can you please tell me what should I do to cancel my contract with Optus? Thnaks a lot,


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Re: How can I cancel my contract?

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Contact billing and accounts via the live chat link below as they should be able to do that for you.


Edit: I forgot to mention that if your 2 year contract is not finished they may charge break of contract fees.

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