Hot Girls, Pink Tube & Girls Tube


Why am I paying for something that I am not even aware of? What are these and how do I stop them from charging me further?


Thank you.

Re: Hot Girls, Pink Tube & Girls Tube



1. First up send STOP to the numbers

2. Contact Optus (not its forum) and request your Premium SMS limit drop to $0 (Stops it happening again)

3. Ask Optus to refute the charges for you. You may have to contact one or two service people as half will do it no probs and the other half will say its your job - it isn't).

4. The money is typically recredited to you on your next bill.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Hot Girls, Pink Tube & Girls Tube


more than 6k views hahaha, seems they thought this has an interesting link thats why were getting psms charges haha Smiley Very Happy

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