Re: Help me unsubscribe from scammer


>>Who says crime doesn't pay?


Stupid crime doesn't pay. Like if you do a diamond heist, don't throw your lunch and torn up saftey deposit slips into the garden of a busy body who reports everything to the police.

Re: Help me unsubscribe from scammer


Can you imagine the response of OPTUS if every subscriber with an active complaint visited an OPTUS shop or office on the last friday of every month in order to register their complaint or demand an update. I suspect that a resolution would be found pdq,


Re: Help me unsubscribe from scammer


Hi Jooneth, don't stress have been down this road with Optus to the tune of 500 dollars. Don't pay the scammers amount, don't chase Optus or the scammers. The moderators here try hard to sort stuff with advice but a visit and complaint to the TIO turbocharged things and you are back in control. Optus will start and call you to sort it other than the hopeless other way round.. Optus will cave in on the charges......don't worry....Ron Grant

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