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Hello Everyone,


I recently went to the Optus Store on Pitt Street, Sydney to ask how long I had left on my Mobile Broadband Postpaid Plan which I started in September 2016.


They told me that the plan itself is out of contact (past the 24 months) but I have 3 more repayments of $54 left in the Handset that I had bundle with the Plan.


We later found out that this was due to the Handset not being charged on the bill until January 2017 (when I picked up the Handset in store on the day), and that meant I still had to pay off the rest of the Handset if I wanted to Cancel the Plan (I had no issue with this).


To Cancel the Plan in store they had to call the cancellation department for me to verify and confirm. When we got up to the payment for the Handset they told me that they could not apply the Handset discount due to it being no longer being paid through the contract, even though I had already been on the contract for the full 24 months when the Handset should have been charged then.


So now so am expected to either pay full price for the cancellation of the Plan or continue the Plan to receive the discount while paying for a service I no longer need.


Please help.





Re: Handset Charged Later in the Plan


So you purchased a MBB and a phone in September 2016 and the phone didn't arrive till January 2017 so they are telling you your contract isn't finished? I assume you weren't charged for the phone for the period you didn't have it? Just trying to get my head around the question.

Re: Handset Charged Later in the Plan


I was not charged for the the device until Jan 2018, however I got the device instore when I signed up to the Plan on Sept 2016.


I should have been charged for the device with the discount on the day because I got it all instore.

Re: Handset Charged Later in the Plan


Hmm I'm a bit confused by what you mean about not being charged till Jan 2018 unless you meant 2017. From what I can gather you got the bundle plan and the discount if there was one for 2 devices however the phone contract started 3 months later. To my way of thinking the MBB contract should be finished and you have 3 months left on your phone less the discount if you got it in the first 3 months. Maybe I am missing the point or don't understand the question?

Re: Handset Charged Later in the Plan


Hey Spicer237 - bit of a tricky situation you have going there. Can you shoot us a PM so we can take a closer look at this (please confirm your full name, DOB and service/account number)? I'll be able to wrap my head around this once I view your account details.

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