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I have a large amount of outstanding debt to Optus! And I can’t afford to pay any of it.

i have an IPhone 6s with a plan of $100 a month where I would get 17gb with and I still manage to go over that, how? I don’t use my data that much! And I just want to cancel my plan, I’m better off just paying the cancellation fees! This is absolutely ridiculous 


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Hi Ryan,


We can look at ways to manage your usage issue if you like. Understanding where your data goes is something all phone users should get a handle on - its boring but costly if you don't.


If you are still on a contract then pay out costs can vary depending on terms. You may be able just to stop the monthly phone charges but you will definitely be liable for the remaining handset cost. This amount is subsidised by Optus (while you're on a plan) so your $100 a month is likely $120 or so if you cancel.


Ring Optus or go to LIVE CHAT 24/7 and ask for a termination figure. Then you'll have a better idea where you stand.


As to the main debt you mention, you should contact Optus directly about that before they start doing things like putting entries in your credit record and stopping your service. They're ok with working out a payment schedule so you might be up for a less amount each month but for a longer period. Not sure if they let you keep using your phone in that circumstance.


Look to change to a prepaid deal - you can't go over your limit and any left at the end of each month rolls into the next month as a bonus. You can up or down the monthly payments as your finances dictate.




Peter Gillespie




Hey @rxyn,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


@peterdownload is correct it's best to get an understanding of what's causing this and how we can help to reduce you ongoing usage and charges.


You're most welcome to PM me if you'd like me to check out what's happening with your account.


A payment plan is something that would need to be entered into with our Financial Services team, I'd be happy to give you their details via PM.


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