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Got restricted because i paid my bill early??

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This is more a community service post but need to let others know so they don't get caught like i did!

Has anyone else had to deal with the system when having made a payment plan? It seems that if you want to pay more, or earlier than you agreed to, this isn't allowed?!??!

I had an agreement to pay an amount on 5 June, but because i paid that amount on 4 June, the system didn't recognise it and as such, they restricted me for " a broken agreement"!! Upon calling to find out why i was restricted, i was informed that it was because i had paid ridiculous does that sound????

Moral of the story - if you make a payment agreement, don't try and pay it early and don't try and pay more because the system doesn't accept it!


Please tell me i'm not the only one to have had issues with this ridiculous business model?


EDIT TO ADD: I contacted them straight away once i realised i was barred and yes they did restore me immediately, which was great, but even the person on the other end of the phone agreed that the system was difficult in this respect.



Re: Got restricted because i paid my bill early??


It does sound bizarre. Some of these processes seem to be quite manual behind the scenes so its possible someone just stuffed up? In general they would be looking at the account balance rather than any specific payment. Any financial agreement is generally "Pay By ...". But perhaps yours says "Pay On ..." somewhere.


Did they accept the payment and restore your service quickly? Thanks for the heads up anyway.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Got restricted because i paid my bill early??


I think it's important to note that the date you agreed to, would be the date Optus would receipt said payment. Now if you pay via Australia Post, bPay etc, these methods can take anywhere from 24 to 72 business hours to process into the Optus system. Credit card payments on the Optus website/app etc, show in their receipting system straight away and land on the account within 24-48 hours (however, Customer Service/Financial Services can login to the back end of the Optus Smart Pay and pop your account number in to see the payments made - They don't see the credit card numbers or anything, just simply "Date / Amount / CC Type / $ Approved / Rec# Number)


How did you make said payment?


Did you report that you met your agreed arrangement or just assume it would be fine?

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Re: Got restricted because i paid my bill early??


Yes they did fix it as soon as i called and let them know. That is how i found out that it was because i hadn't paid on the 'agreed' date, i had paid the day before.

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