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When I first signed up to optus I asked about fortnightly payments via direct debit... The lady at the optus store stated yes after the first bill.... 

It's easier and I don't have to worry about late fees....i did it with relates for 8 years with no issues....

I now have had to contact optus every other week to extend it...  I have been In contact with the financial team and was told to pay by bpay and it will automatically be extended .... That hasn't happened and I'm now occurring late fees.... 


After over a month of live chat and phone calls I'm still getting the run around and have 83 screenshots of the live chat conversations ...


How hard is it?

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Everything is very very hard at Optus

Re: Fortnightly payments


Yes  I'm seeing that. ...

Re: Fortnightly payments


Is there any way to automate the payment from the bank end? We use auto payments to keep our credit cards from charging late fees.

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I've been paying by bpay as arranged by the financial team I keep getting told to talk to...


But I'm now occurring late fees because it's not automatically extended like I was told it would be.... Live chat support keep telling me I have to keep extending it and call the financial team... 


My issue is it that I was originally told I could direct debit it fortnightly when I signed up so no fees etc.... Now that's not the case... It's become infuriating getting the run around

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My apologies that misleading information has been provided previously. A direct debit would only come out once a month, the date for this is listed on the first page of your invoice. Your due date can only be extended on request, but this can be done online, check out the guide here → How to Request More Time To Pay Your Bill.


I too use automatic Bpay payments for some bills. When sending a Bpay payment via my mobile app, it asks if I want this payment to repeat. I can then choose daily/weekly/fortnightly etc and set a time limit of until further notice/a number of times/until a certain date. 

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Re: Fortnightly payments


Re: Fortnightly payments

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Even today they're still telling me that I can modify it in direct debit ..  The 8th time I've been told so. ...


Optus staff need training...  And lots of it. ...


If I were to pay fortnightly by bpay and have it arranged so by the finance team who said It WILL automatically extend then I expect that to occur....


I know that optus record and keep a file of conversations.


Maybe use them for actual training instead.


Again 8 years with telstra not a single issue with my payments....  This is now 2 months.

If I have to manually extend it everytime you can take this *moderated* back.... 

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So called the financial team again 


This time the lady doesn't listen to anything but "understands my concerns"


Here's the break down in English that she didn't get.


If I get my bill on a Monday I have 14 days to pay it.

My scheduled bpay is the friday... So there's 5 days.

By the time my next one comes out Is 19 days.... 

I've received a late fee.

My account monthly is 73 and I'm paying 40 a fortnight which should cover it and put me in advance.  But the late fee hinders it.


They can see my bpay payments but won't add the extra days as "were receive late fees."  

Good work! That's what you want to hear from a customer service team!!!


She then goes on to tell me I should download my optus app (which I have) and it has fortnightly direct debit and o can set it up there! Or she will transfer me back to customer service so they can set it up!!

They're the ones who put me through to her in financial services!!


Anyone else notice report a payment doesn't work for part payments anymore.

Optus your service is horrible.


I'm taking this further.


I've screenshot every message in live chat. Every message.

And this time recorded the conversation so it's not getting confused.


I'm so over it it's not funny anymore.


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