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New Contributor helpplsthx
New Contributor

Fault with broadband

On three separate occasions within 2 billing periods, my broadband internet wasn't working. The first time it was out, it corrected itself. The second time, I was told there was a fault "somewhere", and if the fault was my fault, I'd be charged a $150 call out fee. I didn't want to pay that if it was my fault (I wasn't sure, but I didn't think I had done anything wrong). The third occasion, I was out of internet for 3 days. I was told there was a faultly line in the building, and was fixed on the fourth day. I was told by the operator that I wouldn't be charged for the days I didn't use, and Billing would. However, my bills were the same price. Why wasn't this rectified?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Fault with broadband


Hey @helpplsthx,


I'll try my best to help out with this one. I presume you'd spoken with a member of our fault team on each separate occasion that you'd reached out to us? They should be noting down the interaction and the relevant fault reference number. I'm afraid we're not as proactive when it comes to issuing credits for outages especially when the issue has been intermittent. In most cases, you'll need to contact billing after the fact. 


We do leave a time stamp on the account each time the modem drops in and out of service. Therefore we should be able to apply the most appropriate adjustment to this one.


The adjustment process if as follows: You're offered a prorated credit adjustment for the number of days you've been without service. That's a calculation we make based on your monthly access fee and the number of days you were without service. For example, if you were without service for a period of 5 days and you pay $60.00 a month, that'd be 60 divided by 30 multiplied by the number of days you were unable to use the service.

It'd be best to jump onto live chat and ask them to investigate further


If you run into any trouble, send us a message and we'll gladly lend a hand.

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