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Extra charges for Optus Sport - included free in flash sale


I subscrived to Optus 12 month sim only plan during flash sale for $30 per month (25% discount on 15Gb for $40 promotion). So, technically I should only be charged $30 per month as the order summary I received after placing the order.

Now, the first bill I received showed amount of almost 55 bucks ($40 plan + $15 for Optus sport). The flash sale and my order summary clearly mentioned that Optus sport was included for free. I understand that discount on $40 plan would be applied from second bill but why would you charge additional $15 for a free service.

I went to live chat after receiving the bill, and rep asked me to pay only $40 for the bill and said that charges for Optus sports would be waived in a week. Two weeks had passed and the bill is overdue by remaining amount now. When I went to the chat again, this time another rep asked me, if I want to cancel the Optus sport subscription, I mean why would you cancel that to remove the charges, when it was clearly included in the package for free.


Re: Extra charges for Optus Sport - included free in flash sale


Optus applies discounts as credits. You still get charged the full amount for your plan and on the bill futher down a credit negate the charge. As you mention, the credits don't kick in until the second bill.


Pay the bill in full and wait till next month. Any extra you paid this month will be put towards paying the next bill.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Extra charges for Optus Sport - included free in flash sale


Hi. I experienced the same problem as you described. I signed up for the $40/month 15GB plan with free optus sport and 25% off but my first bill came in at around $53. I went in store and one of the salesmen said that the optus sport fee ($15) shouldn't be there, but the remaining $40 is due to paying one month in advance etc. He suggested I call up optus and enquire the charges, and so I did. The customer service representative was quick to notice the issue (being charged an extra $23) and he said he will adjust the bill to $30 by crediting the difference, and this take effect in 24 hours. He also said it should stay $30 from then on. Hope this helped. 

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