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EXTENSION DATE payment fee will be applied


Yea so I have spoken to one of the OPTUS team and asked questions such as what’s the point of the extension date but they will charge you a $15.00 late payment fee? 


He explained the extension date is only for continuing the service of your SIM card. However, when I click the option on my OPTUS APP- requestion extension, it says LATE Payments fees only will be applied after the Due date (and it shows the new date that appeared on my screen). Also, a copy of sms will be sent through your number confirming the NEW DUE DATE.


In the end, I explained to the team what was my understanding and they gave me credit in the end anyway. It contradicts the one I mentioned above to the OPTUS website.


It doesn’t really make sense. IT ONLY MAKES SENSE if you read the OPTUS WEBSITE and don’t be fooled by the extension date option.



Re: EXTENSION DATE payment fee will be applied


I'm not sure I follow what you are asking Jane as the payment extension simply stops anything from happening to your service during the extension period. You are however still paying your bill late and that's what the fee is about. I don't agree with it myself however it's pretty much a standard practice with all the providers these days.


Re: EXTENSION DATE payment fee will be applied


Optus make it fairly clear arranging a late payment doesn't negate the late payment fee. 


If you don’t accept the offered extension, then your due date will remain the same. Please note that organising a payment extension may not prevent the application of late fees or service restrictions.


The merits of the fee are debatable but as you've found Optus staff have discretion to recredit it and if its only a one off issue then they're usually happy to.


Peter Gillespie

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