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New Contributor Cherryport
New Contributor

Direct debit payment

How do I get OPTUS to fix my direct debit arrangement? I've been trying since January (six months ago) to change the credit card to which my bill is debited. No such luck! All this happened because I dared to change the credit card.

I've tried on-line chat sessions, phone calls and a printed form by snail mail - all without success, even though I'm assured that all is fixed. I even have emails confirmuing that my next bill will be paid by direct debit.. So, each month I get an email telling me I forgot to pay my bill. When I then make a manual payment, I'm charged the card processing fee.

For a communications company, internal communications and customer service is WOEFUL!, not to mention INCOMPETENCE.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Direct debit payment

Hi @Cherryport,


You should be able to get Optus to refund the fee retrospectively.


I can only agree such a simple request should not be so hard to effect. Especially where money and fees are involved.


Peter Gillespie

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