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I have recntly been sent an email of an overdue bill of $903.67. However I was never sent the original summary of the bill only an overdue email. 

I am on a broadband data plan of 140gb per month for $70 and am charged $10 for every extra 1gb used. My partner and I only have our two PS4's linked to the wifi and often go over by another $50-$100 when we have updates we need to download for our online games which we are aware of as we keep track of how much time and downloads we do while we are playing online. After speaking to customer service about the dates of this massive data over use it seems like in the space of a couple days we apparently used an extra of $800 worth of data. That amount is absolutely ridiculous and we have not downloaded or played enough online to use up that much extra data. I am unsure about who to email about disputing that extra amount of data from that bill. I have all history from both play stations of dates and how much gb or mb have been used for each download and evidence of our working history to show we were both not home those days to be able to use that much data. It is also worth mentioning that our playstations do not auto update or download any content without us physically having to start the install process ourselves so that is also not a possibility and after checking through our PlayStation usage history both PlayStations did not make one download or update across those days. This is clear evidence to me that this is an Optus technical fault not anything on our end because I have checked very thoroughly. If any of your staff know anything about gaming content and downloading games they would understand that to be able to use up over 65gb over the space of a couple of days we would of been having to download and install brand new games non stop which I have the evidence to show we did not even make one download over those days. I do not wish to have to explain all this over the phone and would prefer to email my findings to the right person. 

Please let me know where I should email my dispute to.

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I'm not sure referencing game sizes is going to help as there are many single games over 65GB. Assuming it wasn't you and it's not an error is it possible that someone else has been using your service or it's been hacked? Did you look at the data usage information via the my account portal to see if the data matched what you were charged?


If you have hit a brick wall with Optus you could always make an official complaint or take the matter further if you are unhappy with their response. The link below has information on how to do that.



Re: Data dispute


Hey @ShannenAmohau, sorry no one has been able to look into this for you. I'm a Mobile Billing expert for YesCrowd and would be happy to go through this with you. Please send me a private message with your service number, full name and DOB. Please also state that I have permission to look into your data breakdown. From here we can discuss the date/time and amounts of data that was used, as well as the services that have requested it.

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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Re: Data dispute


Hi @ShannenAmohau


I have long felt it shameful that Optus exposes their customers to $1000's of dollars of unwanted fees. What other company offers a 4000% line of credit on their $40 a month product?


First stop now should be @Toomey. The mods can definitely help some times when these anomalies pop up. 


Note that Optus is generally pretty sure of itself when it comes to data sent. Refunds and credits are not the norm. The play station details are good, but the actual service that consumed the data is the 4g unit. What does that say about data consumed?


Also you should have got an SMS after every top up. Although I'm not sure if that applies to broad band plans?


Failing that then as @Yeldarb says WRITE to the complaints department. And if no joy then contact the TIO.




Peter Gillespie


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