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I just signed up a new postpaid plan for $40 with 15GB with a $10 discount. LiveChat helped me through the plan but gave me a wrong plan, charged me $25 for a 3GB plan. 


I have to go through the LiveChat again to request for rectification. Took me a long time to connect to a person (quicker through the sales team but not the support team). 


When the first bill came, they charged me for $40. Again It took me a long time to connect to the LiveChat. They said it is a deposit for the first month, next billing will reflect the $10 rebate. Anyone has the same issue?


Unfortunately, the rebate doesn’t come in the second month. Need to contact them again. Connecting or lodging a complaint to Optus is a pain. There is no email, LiveChat that is hard to connect, calling is hard to talk to anyone. Optus need to build a better operation support team! 


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@Booyz, this is an easy one for us. I'm happy to help Smiley Happy


We'll make sure that the corresponding 25% discount code has been applied. Send us a PM via →


I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. We'll be sure to back date the discount for you.


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