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Credit wipe.


> Saw I was on an inferior plan and wanted to change from my prepaid ultimate to ultimate plus to get 1.5 GB extra data 

> Got my plan transferred over live chat on the optus app. The service agent did not mention anything about my credit being wiped, gave no warning or indication. She told me to wait and the chat was disconnected. Received a text message saying my plan had been transferred 

> Credit has been used up, unable to call or text. 

> Tried to connect with 2 other agents, keep getting disconnected within 5 minutes 

> Many links on optus site broken, technical difficulties alert galore

> Tried to call, but apparently my "enquiry" doesn't fit into any of the categories and I should seek online 


It's possible that after switching plans it takes time for the credit to transfer but I doubt this is the case because I did not get notified. 


I have been with optus for over 10 years and have had no issues in the past. If I was given an indication that my credit would reset with 23 days remaining out of 30 I would of waited 23 days then switched plans. I've effectively wasted $23 along with the terrible customer service. 


I'm willingly to stay with you only if I can get my credit transferred. If this is not possible you may take me off the ultimate plus and return me to my original plan. Otherwise I will switch to another phone company which is a shame because I am a long term customer. 


Re: Credit wipe.


Hey @Dave341, thanks for reaching out to us here on YC. Terribly sorry to hear you've now lost your credit as a result of the plan change. We'd like to look into this for you.


Can you please send us a PM including:

Full Name:


Mobile Number:

Are you the account holder? Y/N: 

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