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New Contributor Cygnetly
New Contributor

Credit Card Nickname

Hey guys! 

Im trying to set up direct debit for my account, but am having trouble with what a 'Credit card Nickname' is? What is that? Every time I type something into the box... it says 'user not found' help! 

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Super Contributor
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Re: Credit Card Nickname

The "credit card nickname" is a reference for your own use, so you know which card you're using.


My nickname for my usual card is "NAB Visa Debit" so I know it's that card.


I have no feedback on that particular error, beyond try using a different browser.


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Moderator Marie

Re: Credit Card Nickname

Hey Cygnetly 🙂 


glenn0 is correct you can set a name for your card if you like.


I haven't seen this error message in the past.


Could you please send a screenshot through via PM and we'll have our website team check it out.



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