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I have a weird predicament i need a hand with.


I have two active services for myself, one contract ends in May this year. This has the number i wish to keep.

I ordered a new iPhone in Oct last year which came on a new plan. I wanted to swap the number over to this plan for the iPhone but since i 'ordered a new service' with this phone i apparently cant merge the contracts.


The only reason i did this, is that when ordering the phone it said my current SIM would be cancelled as part of this if i wanted to keep the same number. Now i use my phone a lot for personal calls but it also houses all my works emails etc via AirWatch so that wasn't an option.


I want to pay off my current contract, due to expire in May, but keep that number and move it onto my 'New iPhone' contract. and now pay for that number. If that makes sense.


I'm paying $212 a month for no reason other than Optus cannot sort out what seems like quite a simple request.


Re: Consolidating Services


@CL4PTR4P Thanks for getting in touch with us. Generally speaking this isn't something we're able to do, each number is subject to that current plan/contract and we're unable to switch numbers between contracts without cancelling them. My apologies, I understand this is not the outcome you're after. What we can do is lower the plan on the contracted number you're wishing to keep once that contract has ended or place it on Prepaid so you can reduce the monthly cost. 

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