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Complain about the bill


For last month, you cancelled my direct debit without my agreement, even no one told me. Then I got a overdue, and you are charging me 17 dollars this month. It is not my fault, so you shouldn't charge me.


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Assuming it was a $15 late payment fee and a $2 paper bill fee I would be having a word with accounts on the live chat link below. I think they would be more than reasonable about looking at those fees if you were to explain to them how it came about.

Re: Complain about the bill

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My plan was terminated on October 2018 after 2 years on cotract I applied for a $35 plan it was appoved by Optus, however

you keep deducting the full fee of $122.20 without my knowledge until recently I found out that my nab account has been withdrawn as usual by you for long time until I cancelled your withdrawal this month.

You message to me asking me to pay same as my plan ie, $122.20 per month.

I am asking you to refund my money that you wrongly withdrew from my account.

Can you check with your system as to why you did not withdraw $35.00 per month as agreed but you automatically withdrew same as in the terminated plan.

My phone account is *hidden*

I await your refund. I can give you my account for you to transfer the refund money to me.

*personal information hidden*


Re: Complain about the bill


Your personal information has been hidden on our public forum.

This is not something that we can currently assist with here on the forum.
Please chat with us

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