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I had a couple of questions regarding my billing:

1. I was told in my first bill that after switching to paperless billing i would save a minimum of $2, but that's not the case it seems as the bill amount now after switching to paperless billing is greater than that I had received earlier when it was papered bill.

2. I was earlier using a optus prepaid plan and had changed to $35 postpaid plan and I had some days balance left when I had changed it, so I was told by your branch people that about $17-18 would be reduced in my first bill, but that hasn't happened till now.


Kindly let me know what best can be done in this situation. 

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: Billing

It's possible that since switching from prepaid to postpaid you have been charged in advance. The first and second link below give you more information on this. Unfortunately only Optus staff can look at your bill and it would be best to speak with billing and account on the live chat (third link) below if you think you have been overcharged.