We recently joint Optus within the family. And for easier to pay our bill we guessed. We asked Optus to mail the bill home. But this happened to me twice already that we haven't received the bill from Optus and they charge us for overdue bill payment. Very upset me for the inconvenience. I gotta pay extra for the paper bill and it didn't help. As well. I tried to contact Optus. The website is always down for some reasons. Then I call the customer support. The line wasn't connected. So upset and dissapointed. After my plan. No more Optus. Plus your connection is alway super slow Optus!

Re: Billing


Hey Optususerr, we apologise for the experience you've gone through Smiley Sad 

Could you please PM your internet username or mobile phone number, full name and DOB? Once received we'd be more than happy to go through your invoices. 



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