My partner set up an account years ago and had direct debit set up. With all bills up to date, he then cancelled his account in store with iptus staff and created a new account with a new number/phone with no direct debit set up in september 2018. He has since discovered that at 9pm at night on friday the 23rd of May, they took $540 out of his account linked to his “cancelled” account. He contacted customer services and they said the account is still active even though they can see there has been so active usage on the account. They are trying to tell him that his money will be used as credit on his new account, but he wants a full refund as it is unfair and the money was taken on their fault and the specific amount of $540 is a massive set back. What can he do without taking this further? 

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So leaving aside the account used the amounts an error and Optus has said they will recredit it against his other account?


That should be fine. You can request any credit amount be returned any time. Perhaps just ask another service person who knows


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Disgusting!  What ended up happening with it?

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