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New Contributor YesMan20
New Contributor

Billing started before sim activated

Hi. I've received my first bill showing my billing cycle started several days ago when my sim arrived. Seems Optus commenced billing the service upon their notification of delivery - not when the service was (due to be) activated! The sim is still in its envelope and the modem isn't even yet in my hands and regardless, I'm able nor needing to set it up for activation until I move house in a couple of weeks! I told all this to the "salesman" who assured me after at least two double-check queries that although I might get the sim before i needed it, it would not commence billing until I activated it. Hmmm...

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Billing started before sim activated

Hi YesMan20,

If you purchased your SIM online or over the phone, it will generally auto activate within 2-24 hours of receiving it.

It sounds like this is the case with yours.

Once you are all set up in your new house and connected, contact Optus directly and let them know you didn't start using the service until X date, which they'll be able to see and they should consider offering you a credit for that period.

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