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At the beginning of September I upgraded my phone and plan online. After much confusion and talking with Optus over online chat and numerous phone calls I figured out that I had signed up for a lease phone instead of an owned phone. After many more phone calls I was eventually told that the new phone had been cancelled and the new contract had been cancelled but that the phone had already been dispatched so to refuse recieval of the phone when StarTrack delivered it.



I did this and even received a message from the woman in customer service (her name was Noi from the Melbourne Optus team and her ID number is [removed for privacy]) that my plan had indeed been cancelled and that I could go ahead and re do the upgrade. 


I had had decided to wait and see how things went for a while in terms of prices and the release of the new iPhone X. 


Now upon viewing my phone bill I can see that I am being charged a handset fee for an iPhone 8 which I do not nor ever had and that my contract has been changed from the $60/month plan to $40/month plan with a new expiry date set in 2019. I was told this was all sorted and now Iā€™m back to share one. 


This whole experience has has been a nightmare and is making me seriously second guess my choice in provider as I have been an Optus customer for over a decade. Please help! 





Re: Billing Error


Hey Emilyhakanson, it should be a fairly easy fix and I'm sorry it's happened to begin with Smiley Sad It'd be best to reconfirm with the Billing team when you get a chance and make sure it's all been reversed.

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