Billed for scam subscriptions


Optus, I have been informed that my bill this month will be ~$70 as opposed to my usual $30. I have been getting text messages from unsolicited 1900 numbers claiming I have subscribed to fake subscriptions and Optus appears to be falling for the scam. I am not paying for these, and have removed all my money from my billing account until this can be resolved. 
There should be a number I can call about this, the way you handle customer service is abysmal and I will be looking for a different provider if I'm not satisfied by the time my contract runs out.

Re: Billed for scam subscriptions

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It's probably best to have a read of the first link below as it explains how to stop these charges from happening in the future. Im not sure that withholding funds would be the best way to go and contacting support about the charges in dispute via the live chat on the second link below might be a better alternative.


Re: Billed for scam subscriptions



It might be  worth going into the updated Yes Optus app where you can now set your premium SMS spend to zero by setting  content services to off.

Click on service in the app, then service settings and then notifications and services.



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Re: Billed for scam subscriptions


Hi @DWmoderated, thanks for reaching out to us. Were you able to update your Premium Content spend limit to $0 as advised by @Yeldarb and @Davelew. These are Premium Content charges services like these sometimes subscribe you through banners and advertising on your mobile. This can occur in apps or through your web browser. Unfortunately, you may have inadvertently accepted the subscription this way. If you still need assistance then let me know as I can apply barring to Premium content (1900 numbers) on your service so that you cannot subscribe and will not be charged from now on. I can also escalate the charges with the third party to contact you in 5 working days for a full refund. Can you please PM us → here your phone number / account number, full name and DOB to proceed. Kartik

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