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Occasional Contributor Amy-Beazley
Occasional Contributor

Bill Issue

Hi, we have 2x$59 phone plans and one $80 internet. ($198 a month)


Since getting my husbands phone we've been getting $242 dollar bills. 

I thought that perhaps this would be for one or two months if there was some kind of catch up needed - I wasn't really sure. 

However it's been many months now and I believe the bills are wrong and you owe us at least a month or two credit for the amount extra we have paid unnecessarily. 


I hope you can resolve this soon with hte money owed to us and correct the bills into the future. 


Regards, Amy


PS - we know our most recent bill has the overseas extra cost - although the base bill is still wrong. 

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Moderator Tris

Re: Bill Issue

Hiya, when you activate/change plans on a service, you'll normally be charged a pro-rated amount as billing starts somewhere within a billing cycle, this would only be for the first bill though. Any charges outside the normal inclusions would be confirmed on the bill. If you're still unsure, please chat with us here so we can give you a hand 🙂 

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