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What is the best way to talk to the billing department? I have recently upgraded my plan from thr $30/month to $40/month (no sim) and my new bill is very wrong in a number of ways.  I need to speak to someone who can fix the multiple issues. I cant get onto a person from live chat and calling isnt an option for me at the moment.

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Persisting with the live chat is the best option unless you are lucky enough to have a moderator see your post and look at it for you.

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Thanks Yeldarb,

Unfortunately the app has something wrong with it, and the website keeps wanting to reload on my phone and repeatedly putting me at the back of the queue.

Not sure what else i can really do

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First bills after a change over are generally complex and have bits (data, bonuses, etc.) missing etc.


It seems Optus generally feels that its ok to send out wrong first bills and ask the customer to wait for another month to find out what is going on. I don't know why a billion dollar Telco feels this is an acceptable way to greet new and renewing customers?


You'll probably find the second bill a lot more to your expectations


Try LIVECHAT using a different browser on a PC.




Peter Gillespie

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