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Bill Dispute


Hi All,


Trying to get some help with a billing dispute.


I left Optus with several months to go on my contract and expected to payout the handset payments, but was (to my surprise) also charged a $965.77 cancellation fee.


I was told if I ever left optus / disconnected my service etc, all I would have to payout with the remaining hanfset payments.


How do I lodge a dispute without spending several hours on the phone.






Re: Bill Dispute


You can dispute your bill with any of the telephone or chat support staff if you wish. I would recommend you get a reference number and staff ID in the process if you can. You are also free to make an official complaint if you are unhappy with the outcome. The live chat can be found on the first link and the complaints form can be found on the second.

Re: Bill Dispute


To potentially save you some time, have proof ready of the details of how you were told (verbally? by who? when? in writing? etc.).

You should be able to find the document for the agreement you were on at the time here: 

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