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I applied for the 500GB internet service, in March and cancelled on the 2nd of April.


I was first billed $80, which was fine. Then around early-mid April, I was billed $80 again. I spoke with chat and they confirmed it was a mistake and it would be cancelled and a noticification would be sent out to me. Didnt happen. A week or two later, I got a call from Optus asking me if the issue was resolved (I guess it left a callback request before engaging chat).


Now yesterday I got a bill saying I have to pay for the 2 days of April that I used - which is totally fine.


But then in the same bill it says my second $80 amount is OVERDUE.


What is going on and why isnt Optus cancelling my second bill?

Re: Being billed extra


You won't see a "cancel bill" notification or bill itself, they'll simply adjust off the amount that was deemed incorrect/invalid and you'll get a bill with a revised balance.

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