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I've had two bad experiences with the non-existent 'service' in the Optus shops recently. I had a billing issue, went into the Carlingford Court shop, all smiles and happiness until I mentioned that I had an unauthorised charge on my bill, can you help me - then it was, 'You have to call them, we can't help you. Sorry. No, we can't contact billing. You call them.' Nice one... thanks.


Next, I'm cancelling my mobile broadband internet because I don't use it anymore. Walked into the Macquarie Park shop. Smiles, instant attention, until I said the magic words, cancel my service. 'You can't cancel a service in the shop. You have to call them. Sorry.' 


I mean, really?!?! How can you sign-up for a service in the shop, but the same shop can't (or won't) cancel that service? So, customer service only extends so far as selling you something - in the shop. The nice, brightly-lit, all-helpful, shops. I've realised it's a big mistake to think the shops are there to help you with anything. When I signed up for Optus years ago, I knew they had shops in most shopping centres, and I felt reassured that if I ever needed something, they were there. So I signed up. That was a big mistake. A mistake I won't be making with my next mobile provider. 


I do remember going into the shop once a few years ago too, and being told the same thing, CALL THEM, but I can't remember what that was for. 


After that, I'm now cancelling both my phone and internet with Optus. Enough already. I've been with Optus for years and years, I never really needed help with anything before, but now I see why so many people just DON'T. LIKE. OPTUS.


You should be able to walk into the shop and get help. It's obvious that once you've bought a service and signed up, the next step is to make leaving or fixing anything as hard as possible. Or just impossible. I called the cancellation phone number (it's not actually called that, they make it hard to find or know) and just went through four different menus to find the cancel service. I still haven't been able to cancel my internet.


Well, here's to Optus' great shop service. Bye Optus!

Re: Bad shop service


Optus are aprtially to blame sure as they don't make it clear that most of their stores are franchises. So yes you are right that they're there mostly to sell products. If you have an issue with something you bought at an Optus store (hardware) then that store needs to resolve it (other stores often can't). If its a plan then your contract is with Optus Head Office and only you can contact them to go through billing and cancellations etc.


So the stores are not trying to fob you off. They just can't do what you're asking of them.


Unauthorised charges (Scan SMS) can ususally be reversed contacting Optus direct (Request they be refuted and the credit should appear on your next bill - also get your premium SMS limit set to $0)




Peter Gillespie


Re: Bad shop service


Hey @Ozphoenix - Thanks for reaching out to us. Peter is right in saying that a lot of our stores are franchised and are purely there for Retail/Sales. They don't have the training to handle cancellations or billing enquiries.
Certainly isn't because they don't want to help, it's because they cant. Terribly sorry.
If you still need a hand cancelling your services, let us know & we can assist. 

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