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Amazon Hosted Websites? Unexplained data usage!

Over the last few bills I am exceeded my mobile data by a large amount, after months of not having issues. 


My phone tracked data used by apps and warns me when it gets high. I have Spotify included and so for this month I have used 2.47gbs streaming through that app and all the rest are small numbers like 169mbs on Facebook and 127mbs on Samsung internet. 


However when I log onto the Optus portal it says I have used 2.56gbs and 50% of that is on Amazon hosted websites? All I do when I am out, other than used Facebook messages is stream Spotify (mainly podcasts) 


Help? I'm confused and it's costing me an arm and I leg! So frustrated, I have already tried talking to an Optus rep and I got brushed off. About 2 minutes away from switching providers!

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Respected Contributor

Re: Amazon Hosted Websites? Unexplained data usage!

Spotify do not host the podcasts, they are downlaoded from a non spotify source (Amazon in this instance).




Note: Spotify doesn’t host podcasts. You need to provide a link to an RSS feed that’s on a hosting provider in order to have your podcast on Spotify.


So you will get charged for this data as its outside the spotify network.