Access bills from closed account




I need access to my billing history for my tax records.

I closed my account in April 2017. I am able to log in to my account but can't access any bills.


I have contacted billing support and they have told me that they can't send me the information and that I *might* be able to get the information if I go into an Optus store.

I also tried calling the 1800 number but was informed the office is closed (it's Sunday today).


Now I do not want to go into an Optus store and wait around on the off change I might be able to recieve help on this matter.

Can someone please point me in the correct direction of where I can get this information?




Re: Access bills from closed account


It is a little wishy washy unfortunately.


You should be able to see past bills in your account but apparently not?


You should have gotten email attachments of each bill - can you access those?


I'd suggest you access LIVE CHAT. Accessing billing history is one of the fundamental options they all have access to. Just request the billing history you need be emailed through to you.




Peter Gillespie


PS I would not see the stores as a likely solution. They are mostly franchises and have nothing to do with Optus billing. They'll ring Optus Cust service on your behalf though.

Re: Access bills from closed account


This was the information i received from live chat earlier today. Initially I was told they can't access the information, but after questioning why a franchise would have access if online support didn't I was told that they were able to see the bills, they were just unable to send them to me since it is a closed account and they don't have this function but a store may be able to help. 


At this point I gave up on online support and tried to call but I guess I will try calling again tomorrow. 


I don't recall ever receiving email bills, I always used the Optus app to check/pay my bills. I've just gone and checked my email accounts and can't find any bills Smiley Sad


Thanks for the resoponse. 


Re: Access bills from closed account


Hi Ade, apologies for the run around. We can definitely arrange the copy of your old bills if needed. Can you send us your account details here → so that we can assist you further. Kartik

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