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Abysmal call centre service unfortunately the norm with Optus - they owe me a call

Let me share my story - I'm sure many have similar issues with Optus.


I have an ongoing problem with broadband and was promised that a manager would ring me back on 1st May - of course - I got no manger ringing me back. ( I had been speaking to a callcentre employee who was clueless in listening to my complaint  - CP550964.


I had problems with Optus Broadbank Internet since Dec which started Dec 17th were rectified 13/2. During that time I spent countless hours and stress dealing with Optus many depts - in one day being transferred over 13 times. I asked them to stop my monthly payments and they assured me that it would be dealt with when the problems were finally solved.


During that time I was provided a replacement modem (Dec 29th delivery) and 3 technican visits. The first technical made a temporary fix which started again the day after he left - turned out to be a network issue from the home to the the local node in the network line under a road.


Initially the problem meant every 5 or 10 mins the modem reset it itself and after that it went completely dead. I have an SMS from Optus that the problem was fixed on 13/2 but it wasn't. A technican had to visit on 15/2 to make additional changes to connections outside on the road.


Optus told me I was due the Customer Service Guarantee - which I would recieve 3-5 weeks after the problem was fixed - which I have not recieved.


I am also looking to Optus to refund me for my broadband charges during this period as I had inadequate and no service during this period.


Optus has been a shockingly bad providcr that has proven incompetent in dealing with its customers.


So Optus over to you - what are you going to do about it?




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