$99 early upgrade fee

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Had Galaxy s8 and after 12 months on 24 month plan upgraded to the s10, was told the $99 early upgrade fee  was going to be waived, got first bill of new plan and was annoyed to find the $99 fee was included in bill. Would like to know why this has happened. On top of this wasn't told that I would also be paying $11 per month for the accessories bundle that came with phone, if I was told I wouldn't of accepted bundle. Went to store today for help with this and was rudely told to come back on Tuesday to speak with the staff member I initially spoke to. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: $99 early upgrade fee


How did you perform said upgrade? (via phone or via store)


- Via Store: Please visit the store and get them to explain why you are getting an $11 "accessories bundle charge".

- Via Phone: Contact Customer Service, they can see the order specifics and make adjustments that were promised/on the recording.


Sadly, it seems you went via the store channel. They probably asked you to come back when the staff member in question was back in, not only due to the holidays, but they would be best placed to see exactly what happened to the order they processed. And would be responsible for making the promised corrections.

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Re: $99 early upgrade fee


Its unfortunate that clear documentation is generally not provided by Optus on deal specifics. As general advice I would be looking for something written down (even if its just the sales person signing a note stating what was agreed and the total price payable). 


The accessories bundle is pretty much money for jam for Optus and there have been other complaints about its cost not been made clear at the point of sale (it can be presented as a bonus rather than an additional cost)


FWIW Applying special options (like waiving the fee) can sometimes only be done manually and is shown as a credit on your bill (rather than the fee not appearing at all). It can take a few months for the credit to appear, however you can possibly ring up Optus now and request it be applied.


Its a pity other store staff couldn't resolve your issue but in fairness, given the lack of documentation it would seem likely you will need to go through the person that made the initial sale.


Peter Gillespie

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