$40 serve only 10G ?


I checked out $36 12 sim only online with Uni discount and Sim activated.


The questuon is that  "Get a huge 12GB data (incl. 2GB bonus data for 12 mths" means only 10G??

On optus app usage, only 10G indicated


What is the 2GB mean?


Is it served only 10G per month??



On more question, when i pay later, can i get Uni discount?

Now I can see the name of plan $40 like this

Not $36

Is that okay?

Re: $40 serve only 10G ?


Hey @ubiquitous4g, with the bonus 2GB, it's added on the second bill and for 12 months moving forward as per the terms of the offer. As for the Uni discount, can I ask if you added the student code at the checkout? Normally this is required in order to have the discount applied to the bill. The plan name will still be $40, however the discount will be applied at the end of each month which reduces the price you pay on the bill.

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