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Occasional Contributor

off to the TIO I go...

i orderd the iphone x with a watch when the preorders went live, the temp order i got was at 5:10pm (qld time) which they rejected on the 28th bacuse they didn't read the damn order and link it to my existing account.


i than reorderd on the 2nd (had to wait for watches to come back in stock)which was also rejected on the 7th because once again they didn't read the damn order.

i called up on the 7th and they didn't want to process my order. i had to thraten to pull all my services (ipad, iphone and NBNwith fetch) to get them to re-do the order, this time linking it to my account. this was done at this time. 


i asked for the order to be expidited as the issues were not mine - they were all optus. this was refused.

i'm extremely annoyed as i am at the back of the queue due to optus incompetence.

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