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iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month

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Hi Everyone

I'm wanting to sign up for the apple iphone 8 on the online only plan of $59 and 20GB. I realise christmas is just a few days away and I don't expect to have it delivered before then, and that's ok. What has been your experience in delivery times on receiving this phone? Are there any additional fess/charges or monthly add ons to the $59 a month plan (24 months)? I read on here someone was slugged $44, but unsure if that was on top or a one off fee.
I have tried to connect to live chat but haven't been able to even open the page. I tried calling and the hold time is ridiculous (yes christmas). 
I guess I just want to hear what your experiences on this plan, fees, waiting time and did anything go wrong with your delivery or phone. I have only ever signed up in an optus store. 
Thank you in advance. 

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


I upgrade it from my existing plan. I ordered it on Wednesday morning (just past midnight), and it was delivered today.

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month

That's funny I've had a different experience I ordered one on Monday and I'm still waiting. I got a message saying there's a delay yesterday but that's been my only update, other than that still waiting. Unsure if I'll actually get my phone as it says it's out of stock on their website now. Which would be a shame since I did order it nearly a week ago now. Have messaged a moderator on here and called Optus a couple of times but The wait times have been too long and I still have no answers.. Hoping someone will update me soon

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


@Bazinga69 - if you ordered the iPhone 8 64GB on the $59 plan, there are no further handset repayments/charges. The $44 is the cost of handset over 24 months, which Optus credits whilst you're in contract. 


If you’ve received a temporary order number, this means we’ve received your order and it’s being processed by our team. Really sorry that you haven’t been contacted yet with confirmation of your order. Currently there are delays due to high demand and we’re working our hardest to get through each order as quickly as possible. We’ll send you an email confirming your delivery date once your order has been processed and it will be dispatched as early as it can be. Unless you have been contacted for follow up, there is no need to reach out to our Online Sales Direct team at this stage. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


Hi, I'm worried as I ordered mine a few nights ago but havent got it yet. I only got an email saying they've received my order and gave me a temporary order number. My husband ordered his next morning and alredy got his phone. Not fair. I've been trying to contact optus but live chat doenst work from the website and on the phone no one seems to know whats going on. Just want to make sure my order is not cancelled or something as the phone is out of stock on the website now....

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


It happened the exact same thing to me! Stll waiting...

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


I just had an appalling conversation with an Optus rep (Jay M) via their web chat.


They have now taken down this advertised plan and refused to fulfill their advertised commitments as the phone is out of stock. The Optus rep tried to sell me an alternate phone and plan. After declining the alternate phones/plans the rep advised I would need to ‘wait and see’ if the phone comes back into stock before the end of the offer. I told them I will be contacting consumer affairs to make a complaint. 


The rep mentioned all customers had been contacted to advise that stock was very limited, he didn’t elaborate if the current orders waiting would be fulfilled. 


I have been with Optus for 10+ years and have never received such poor customer service. Very unhappy with this outcome. 

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


Optus is not "old" Optus anymore, and it doesn't really care about their customer and their service either today. It all becomes mess. How many times when we contact Optus, we can receive good service? very rare. Their online chat only know say 

'hello", that is about it. Their service people from all araes lack of knowledge and good intention to help the customer. For this $59 deal, Optus should handle it properly, but apparently it is not. They should bring iphone 8 back to the list. Otherwise there is misleading to the ad and other interests.

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


Hi @anddou, very sorry to hear that you've been waiting information.

The post Ev made above is correct, we're processing orders as soon as we possibly can however if you'd like us to double check for any progress please PM me with your order/account number, full name and DOB. 

Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month


I too have had a terrible experience. After over 10 years of loyalty will be looking to move myself, husband and 5 children to another network. How can Optus not offer a back order?   It is not like apple are going to stop making iPhone 8s!!! If you advertise to 3 jan then you honour any order up to that date, not withdraw offer👎🏼

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