iPhone x shipment update


Have just spoken to an Optus employee who stated that they have just received word that the shipment of new iPhone X’s are on track to be delivered to the warehouse tomorrow. However they are still not guaranteeing a delivery date to customers. 


The employee was incredibly apologetic (haven’t seen that from others before) and accepted Optus has not been so forthcoming with information re: delivery so will be apparently keeping customers more informed. 


Re: iPhone x shipment update


Did the person give an indication on how many units were in this shipment?

Re: iPhone x shipment update


No they weren’t privy to this information 

Re: iPhone x shipment update


Just spoke to Optus, they have an estimated arrival 13/11/17 with only limited shipment to orders from the 27/10/17 and still no guarantee all customers with orders will recieve.. could be January before some recieve there orders.. absolutely ridiculous! 

Re: iPhone x shipment update


Was on chat this avo with a lady and told me that my order has been processed an my item is now being sent to the warehouse for packing and immediately forward to strartrack to deliver to my place within 3-5 days as they dont deliver on weekends and i asked asked her again are u sure it has been allocated and she said yes. then she sai i am not going to share this with u if she was not confident and said rest assured mt phone would be deliverd in 3- 5 days not counting my eggs lol

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