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I placed an order yesterday to update my current plan to a new one now that my older plan has expired. After completing the order the page said I would receive a confirmation email and I have not yet received one. I have order/reference numbers from that sequence, but not email confirmation.

I tried to live chat to ask if everything was going well and when I would receive my order confirmation email, but after talking to several people on the live chat, they were all unable to provide me with any information other than a phone number to call (1300929949).

I rung this number and was on hold for two hours and when I finally connected to someone, I got cut off. I am just wanting to find out if it is normal that I have not received a confirmation email and where to from here. I understand that the iPhone X is on backorder, I just want to know my order has been received. 

An ETA on when the backorder could be filled would great, however I do understand the very high demand. I would like some help with this as soon as possible as I would like to know if I should be taking my services to another provided after all these years with Optus.

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If you just ordered it yesterday don't expect the iPhone to arrive anytime soon unfortunatley. You will not receive yours for another 3 weeks +. 

Optus staff will not tell you or anyone when they will receive there phone. 

Re: iPhone x Order Confirmation Email


Thanks for replying, I understand this. However I just wish to know whether or not I should be expecting an email confirming that they have even recieved my order. I know it will take a long time to recieve the phone, I just want to know that they have acknowledged the placement of my order. 

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I know it can be frustrating Smiley Sad Once they process the order you should get a confirmation email. My friend pre ordered about 4 days ago and still has not received a confirmation email on an email with a T number. 



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Lol! I pre-ordered on the 28th in store, first person in line 8am, and haven't recieved a confirmation email yet.


Its a sorry state of affairs


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I placed my order for iPhone X on 28 Oct. The first email I got from Optus (subject: 'We just received your order') was received the day I placed the order, and included a temporary order number. I also received a text message from Optus telling me that I will get a confirmation email soon.


The second email I got from Optus (subject: 'Important information about your order') was received 31 Oct. It said that the confirmation emails were taking longer than 48h to send out due to high demand. 


I then got another text message from Optus early morning 03 November with my temporary number. It also included a link, where I was to confirm my order within 48h. However, the system didn't recognise the number. I contacted Optus via chat. They were extremely helpful, and they finalised my order for me. I then got a third email from Optus later that day with my order number, contract, and other info. The number in this email allows me to track my order on their system. 


So, it took me from 28 Oct until 03 Nov (i.e. 6 days) to get my confirmation details. If you have your temporary order number, then I advise hopping onto chat and enquiring with them what's happening. I was very courteous, and I found that they seemed to appreciate that. I'm not placing any blame, but Optus would be under a lot of pressure currently to process orders, so I would assume the customer relations staff would be on the receiving end of a lot of hate. Just be friendly with them, and hopefully your order will be processed a little faster that way. 


Best of luck!

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Before your order is confirmed, yes that is fine.


But many people are waiting for orders "after" they are confirmed and are awaiting stock.


My guess is when you have to wait 3 weeks without any confirmation, and you talk to them after a week, but they are not forth coming with information or told you wait 3 weeks, you might be less inclined, yes it is Optus / Apple fault in this.


It is fair to assume that if i place a pre order at 6:09pm, when they said 3/11, and order was then confirmed on 1/11 and Optus sale staff still said 3/11 or 6/11 for delivery, then on 3/11 i have no information (i still have not received any updates from emails). And then many people were told they have to wait 2 weeks... No one here from Optus to help out... NO CM PM me yet... 


No "official" apologies? no "official" informations?

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Hello, I ordered the Iphone X about two weeks ago and am yet to receive my confirmation email, so yes this is normal Smiley Happy

Re: iPhone x Order Confirmation Email

I preordered mine online about an hour after preorder started, i received my order number 4/11 and its being delivered Tuesday 21/11, hope thats helpful for someone
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