iPhone XS Max eSim


Any update on esim with OPTUS? I just wanted to convert my physical OPTUS SIM card to an esim so I can use the actual SIM card slot with another sim card  when I travel overseas. Thanks.

Re: iPhone XS Max eSim


Currently not supported and with no announcements as to when it will be supported.

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Any update on the esim for iPhone XS? New operators  overseas are offering esim now and mostly from Europe and Asian countries. Why not offer it in Australia? I know the fact that the esim will make it easy for customers to change switch to other telcos offering cheaper deals and prolly the fear of most telco, but why not offer it to POSTPAID customers? If we have a contract with Optus meaning we can’t just leave or switch telcos easily not unless we add another service from other telcos with our existing service with Optus. 


Please Optus.

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