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Does Optus have any clarification at all around delivery times?  I read on google that someone has stated you are expecting orders on the 4th, 7th, 11th and 15th of October or something of the sorts?  Is this accurate?  When has apple said they will be deliverd?  It is incredibly frustrating as a consumer to agreeing to a new contract and phone, and be told you don't have ANY information on potential delivery?



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Hey @Shannon91 - We have limited information with regards to receiving stock & delivery times. I understand this is quite frustrating, given some of us are also waiting on handsets Smiley Sad 


Anything that you read on google or non telco related forums, I would take with a grain of salt. If we don't have the information then there's no way a consumer would know this type of info.


The only thing we can advise at this stage, is that we will keep you updated via SMS when we have further information.


Sorry for being so vague.  

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Re: iPhone XS Max delivery


hi kjust wondering if you recieved it yet ? 

Re: iPhone XS Max delivery


Optus is amazing, somehow my order was cancelled (pending cancelled), Luckily I checked online using the order number and called up straight and asked them why they cancel my order and they had no idea why it happened. They said it will be fine and I won’t lose the queue. I can still see online as cancelled but hoping that is not the case. 

As per my last conversation with optus team still waiting time is 2-3 weeks. I pre ordered when device was available and here I am still waiting. LOL 

Re: iPhone XS Max delivery


I placed an order for my iPhone XS max on the 16th of September, pretty quickly after the pre-ordering opened up, over the phone. I got told that I should expect the phone to arrive within 2-3 weeks max. 


11 days later, I just called Optus to see how the order is going and if they have a date for me, and they said they have no idea and it can be whenever. 


I have no idea what this means, and I leave the country for a few months on the 16th of November and the sales team told me I might to leave without my new phone. 


How sad is this! Definitely never want to go through this again. 

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@Simleeb that's awful! Have you received it yet? Out of curiosity, what was the model and color you ordered? I know that there are different waiting times for different models due to demand. I ordered a Xs Max 256gb in black and it arrived last Friday, I also ordered a gold of the same model at the same time and I haven't received it yet.

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@kvassar88 Hey! Nope I still haven’t heard anything from them, and it’s been around 2 weeks! 


I ordered the gold iPhone XS Max, 64GB! I’m guessing the gold phones are higher demand - so maybe that’s why? 


Honestly at this point I almost wish I had just ordered the phone through Apple. 😥

Re: iPhone XS Max delivery


@Simleeb Ugh, I know the feeling. I didn't realize it would take basically a month (if we're lucky) from order date.


This was the answer I got from one of the optus guys last Friday:

Gold Xs

64Gb: Delivers within 3 weeks 

256Gb: Delivers in 1-2 weeks

512Gb: Delivers in 3 weeks


Gold Xs Max

64Gb: Back order 

256Gb: Delivers in 2 weeks 

512Gb: Back order


Have you called them up and chased them? They finally called me back today about the gold one and I got a confirmation tracking code. So hopefully early next week? I'll keep you posted!

Re: iPhone XS Max delivery


@kvassar88 Haha yeah, I have been annoying them for a while now, even though I know they can’t really do anything for me. 


Fingers crossed for you! Do keep us posted! ☺️

Re: iPhone XS Max delivery

[ Edited ]

@Shauna Hi, I had the iPhone XS Max 64GB Gold ordered, which I knew was on back order. I had a temp. order number for about a week and last night it changed to "confirmed" and I received an order number. 


Was chatting with someone from Optus today on sales chat, and they said they called the Warehouse to "confirm what they are seeing in the system" and  they said "I have confirmed that the handset is now waiting for the stock to be allocated. 
The next update that you will receive is when its ready for dispatch.  Once it has been dispatched, it is expected to be delivered within 2-3 business days. As of the moment, yes we do have stocks but there are also lots of orders placed with the same handset model you desire and its being allocated depending on when you place the order. Not to mention but I have requested your order to be given a stock in priority, so for now, we can only hope for the best that they will be able to scooch it in. "


I was just curious as to when I should expect my order to ship if it's just waiting to be allocated? As I really didn't think to ask, maybe I'm still weeks away, or maybe it'll head toward me in the next day or so? 


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