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Can you address this situation? Everytime I try to call support about this, I have to explain the full situation because my order # is for the wrong device and it says it's been delivered.


I haven't gotten any update since I provided more information.


I don't even have a tracking # so I can chase this up by myself without spending 10 minutes explaining this situation.



Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)


The same thing has been happening to me. I ordered my new IPhone X’s max on the 25th and I’ve constantly been contacting the agents on live chat and haven’t got a real answer. Starting to get frustrated! Any idea when they will get dispatched? 

Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)


Yep, spoke to them again today since I didn’t get a confirmation email again today as was promised within 24 hours. I then got told today that the back end team have sorted it and I would immediately receive a confirmation email with my device being dispatched at a quote “maximum of 10 working days”. I have still not received this confirmation email and its been 8 hours since I spoke to someone on live chat. 


Optus clearly doesn’t know how to treat their new customers, and their current customers by the looks of it... Nobody seems to give a damn.

I’m now definitely fed up and may just jump to Telstra at this point...


Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)


Yep I know how you feel. Yesterday I spoke to someone and they said they have said we have stock but won’t start the delivery status till Monday. To be honest Optus should of had enough stock to cater for everyone that pre ordered it ect. Like I said I’ve had four different people yesterday say four different things and I’ve got no idea what to believed I just want a real answer. 

Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)


Hey @Gavin94 - can appreciate the response times are a little odd. Our team works on a 24/7 basis and due to current work loads we're trying to get back to everyone as soon as possible. From your private message, I understand you've spoken to several departments using several different platforms, but if you're after a more immediate/streamline response it would be best to call us or speak to us on Live Chat as we can't always respond straight away. 
That being said, I can see your response via private message and we'll get back to you very shortly.


@Johnoqld2202 - The iPhone is in quite high demand & although we prepare as much as we can when there is a product launch, unfortunately at times stock will run out due to the demand. That being said, I can certainly appreciate that it is beyond frustrating being told so many different things and not being given a clear answer. If you & @aleksgagic would like to send us a private message to see what's going on then certainly do so! We'll do our best to respond as soon as possible. 

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Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)




I did get a response, and what a load of crap it was. I've now been informed that I don't have a choice but to wait at the back of the queue BECAUSE YOUR TEAM GOT MY ORDER WRONG AND IT HAS TO BE RE-KEYED.


I was on a $40 Virgin plan and now I'm paying $65 for the exact same plan because your team has ported my number over and given me the wrong phone.


Why am I paying at extra $25 for the exact same features? I want to cancel this plan at this point and if this isn't an option I'd rather go to consumer affairs since your team messed my order up and can't even prioritise my order to GET ME THE CORRECT PHONE.


I understand this all stemmed from the salesperson, but along the way, no department has tried to improve the situation or get me a sufficient solution. Please let me know how I can cancel this altogether. I'd rather go with Telstra or Vodafone at this point.


Re: iPhone XS Delivery (And waiting time)


It says delivers FROM 1 week, not WITHIN 1week

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