iPhone X screen getting struck often




My iPhone X screen getting stuck often for the last 4 weeks, which I got this August. I have tried so many methods, including:

- resetting of phone

- upgrading of OS to the latest firmware

- clearing of memory


Nothing has solved the issue. Can I able to get it replaced? Any suggestion.






Re: iPhone X screen getting struck often


That sounds like a returnable fault. How often would you say the screen is freezing?



Main difficulty might be getting the fault recognised. 


You can return it to Optus or also try Apple direct (both are liable to ensure the device is of merchantable quality)


I'd start with Optus. They'll presumably request to take it and try repair it (probably just do a factory reset and decide it works now unfortunately). If the freezing continues then you should request a replacement or refund. (Note you have options under both Optus and Apple warranty as well as the consumer protections)


Its just likely to involve some hassle getting it sorted unfortunately - better companies will mean less hassle.


Peter Gillespie

Re: iPhone X screen getting struck often


Hi Peter,


Thanks, heaps for the reply.


The screen used to freeze 30 times a day. Especially, it is annoying when I get a call and I could not able to answer it.  I have done everything except resetting of the phone. I will do it today night and try it for the next day or two to see whether it has solved the issue. If it still persists, I will go to Optus and talk to them.


FYI: I got this phone under contract this August. 


Thanks, heaps.




Re: iPhone X screen getting struck often


Definitely sounds faulty (and happening enough that it should be easy to diagnose).


If you take it in try have it "frozen" at that time so you can demonstrate the exact issue. By the sounds of it when this happens you could get the optus person to make a call and see the call but not answer it.


FYI their are actually three screens on a mobile phone. The one that does the graphics, the one that protects the others and the one that senses your finger moving around. Sounds like there's an issue with the last one (but that's just a laymans guess). 


Do certainly do a full factory reset first (its the first thing any OPtus person will ask you). Its a pain, although Apple make this easier as you can back the phone up completely in the cloud and then reinstall it all after the reset. As a test I'd suggest playing with the phone for a day or two before you restore anything to confirm the issue is still occuring with a vanilla factory reset phone. 


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: iPhone X screen getting struck often

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There’s an Apple Exchange/Extension program which may be related. Just take it to an Apple Store and they’ll probably fix it for free.

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