Re: iPhone X order debacle

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I tend to agree. I think Optus Management have for some time now made deliberate over arching business choices that have negatively affected the companies underlying capability. These choices have also targeted short term profits at the expense of the customer experience. Hopefully that is coming to an end. The quick responses you have recieved point to dissatisfaction.


FWIW I don't think the "iPhone X order debacle' is actually directly due to cutting corners, however the backend ability to cope with customer expectations appears constrained. And of course people are more willing to overlook individual issues if for the most part a company is doing right by all - but Optus appears to be frittering a lot of good will and reputation that will be hard to regain. 




Peter Gillespie


Re: iPhone X order debacle


Its nice to think the company is doing right by most, but I have already received 11 emails. I haven’t had the chance to read them all yet, but the statistics don’t look good so far. 


Re: iPhone X order debacle


Thank you to all of you that have already reached out to me, just letting you know that I have already registered an interest in starting the petition and now awaiting a response back. In the meantime don’t forget you can share your experiences with all your family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to use the following handles: #Optus #YesOptus #OptusNo #Optusfail.


Awareness starts with us, spread the message while we wait for the petition to get up and running.

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