iPhone X 256GB delivery time


I ordered a 256GB Space Grey iPhone X on the 27th Oct 2017....

Which is on Back Order (...missed out on Pre-Order stock, i guess).

I have an order number, which I can trace but the only information provided by Optus (Phone\Chat\SMS), is we will contact you when stock arrives.

My question to Optus is "When will Stock Arrive?"

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in the same boat as you you will receive it 100% next tuesday or tomorrow! You will receive a text message if it will be delivered tomorrow. I hope mine and yours come tomorrow Smiley Happy


Next Shipment: 09/11/2017

Next Shipment: 14/11/2017


Hope this helped!

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Did you get that information from Optus? I spoke to them this afternoon and they have no eta of delivery from Apple, they were hoping the 13th. So much information and no one knows what’s what 😫 I haven’t heard anything not even that they were on back order etc absolutely nothing from Optus I found out offline. Hopefully your information is correct though 

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Faye: We were getting updates that the stock would arrive at the warehouse after the 9th of november and would be ready to be dispatched,


Just went to live chat again, and this one has said completely different information 

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Thank you for the post Smiley Happy

No news from Optus so far today...
So it's safe to assume, I wont be receiving my phone this week.

However it would be nice to have some sort of communication/ETA from Optus, rather than "dont contact us, we will contact you"...



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I spoke to someone at Optus today and they hesitantly advised that there was a delay to the 9/11 shipment and that it 'may' come tomorrow.  Nothing that I could hear for me to have any confidence in it arriving tomorrow either.  

I have read other forums of people again being provided different information from different people when talking with Optus...

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WOW that is totally unaccpetable, this morning the reservation site from Apple shows plenty of stock if you are in Melbourne or Sydney.


there is still a 256GB Space Grey avaliable right now Smiley Tongue


Phones in Australia are all unlocked, and doesn't matter which network they are on as well... They just have to allocate stock!!!


I have also read about the pre-order for the iPhone 8 last month, appears to have similar issues haha. Even thou Apple Stores have plenty of iPhone 8.

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Update from customer care rep via chat:

Upon checking further, we do have allocated a handset for you however to be transparent, I just want to set your expectation that we can't provide any time frame for the delivery as until now we are still waiting for the arrival of stocks from Apple. What we can assure you is that once the stocks arrived we will organise the delivery ASAP. You may track the order real  time via this link as we are posting any updates on the website and on Startrack's website. And you will be advised via an SMS when your order is about to deliver no need to contact us from time to time.

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My order has finally updated.

And online chat has just advisted:

"Just got Good news, stock has been shipped to our warehouse!
There's already an IMEI/Serial number allocated on your phone.."

Expect delivery in the next 3-5 business days

Re: iPhone X 256GB delivery time




Just recieved the following SMS from Optus

"Hi confirming your Optus order is being delivered today. Track it at..."


Finally tomorrow 18/11 would have been 3 weeks since i placed my order (27/10).

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